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Grow Indoor Vine Plants


When there is a need to select the perfect plant for the home, then you should go with the popular indoor house plant. Vining plants come in all sizes, shapes, and temperatures, from picky strings of pearls to easy-going pathos. There are efficient indoor vine plants effective for each type of space. Train the plant to grow up the moss pole or trellis or show its efficient vines from hanging baskets. In both manners, adding the following plants to your home is an efficient method to give the room a tropical and good feeling.

Fast Growing Indoor Vine Plants

Pothos: Epipremnum aureum

Pothos is the most favorite and low-maintenance plant. It is found as a low-light houseplant. Pothos cannot go unmentioned because it is one of the popular vining plants for home. This plant grows in a quick manner and needs little upkeep. The other characteristics include it is not picky about its growing condition. Effective to control size and shape as needed and found as important indoor vine plants.

Pothos: Epipremnum aureum
Pothos: Epipremnum aureum – EmotionXpert

Pothos need bright to low indirect light, and water is needed when the soil is dry. The plant can easily grow up to 12 ft. long and is toxic or harmful to pets.

Heartleaf Philodendron (Philodendron Hederaceum)

Heartleaf Philodendron is a growing indoor vine plant that is common for good reason. The plant is low maintenance and looks great in nearly all places. It looks beautiful in hanging baskets or places on bookcases or shelves where the long vines of plants can drape down. Heartleaf Philodendron needs bright to low indirect light, and water is needed when the soil is dry. The vine of this plant can grow up to 12 feet long and is also toxic for pets.

Heartleaf Philodendron (Philodendron hederaceum)
Heartleaf Philodendron (Philodendron hederaceum) – EmotionXpert

Brasil Philodendron

It is a famous vines indoor plant that is similar to the Heartleaf Philodendron. This plant is growing by stunning light to medium green variegation during foliage. The care of this plant is also similar to the care of the Heartleaf Philodendron. Brasil Philodendron will do efficiently in nearly any spot in the home. When it receives vigorous light, the variegation of the plant also becomes vigorous. Therefore, low-light locations should be avoided.

Brasil Philodendron
Brasil Philodendron – EmotionXpert

It should be placed in an area where there is more light to get the most beautiful varietal. It needs bright to medium indirect light, and water is needed when the soil is dry. You should keep the pets away because these plants are toxic to pets. Further, vines of plants can grow up to 10 feet long.

Philodendron Micans

Philodendron micans is not a common plant. However, it is a popular indoor vine plant due to its deep green and velvety leaves. The growth rate of plants is high but needs the right conditions. Philodendron micans are easy to take care of because specific or vigorous handling is not needed. It can easily trained to grow in the upward direction by using a moss pole or trellis.

Philodendron Micans: Unique Indoor Vine Plants
Philodendron Micans: Unique Indoor Vine Plants – EmotionXpert

People grow this plant mostly in hanging baskets in the form of trailing plants. It can be converted into different shapes based on interest. It also needs bright to medium indirect light, and the vine can grow to 5 feet long.

Mini Monstera

This plant looks similar to Monstera which is called Mini Monstera. The other name of the plant is Raphidora tetrasperma. It needs specific growth care and pattern. However, it is just like Monstera deliciosa but smaller than the actual plant. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for small apartments or rooms. Mini Monstera has a climbing growth habit. It grows upwards along with time and needs a trellis or stake after growing to a couple of feet. Unlike other plants, it needs bright indirect light, and the mature size of the plant is 12 feet.

Mini Monstera - EmotionXpert
Mini Monstera – EmotionXpert


Hoyas are classic beauties and these plants are delightful to grow in-house. The wandering vines of these plants make beautiful waxy leaves as well as scented flowers. It looks gorgeous when trained to grow a surrounding hoop instead of a pole or trellis. It will give more space to show these stunning flowers beautifully.  You should keep hoyas in indirect, bright sunlight to get efficient results.

Cissus Discolor Vine

If you are looking for a purple indoor plant, then you should plant Cissus discolor vine plant.  Rex Begonia vine is another name for the plant. The leaves of this plant are of different colors; however, the most common and demanded colors include white, green, and purple. People mostly pair cissus discolor vine plants with trellises or moss poles so that their sizeable foliage can be visible for attraction. Furthermore, you can also add these vine plants indoors in hanging pots or baskets. This process is famous for shelf adornment.

Cissus Discolor Vine Plants - EmotionXpert
Cissus Discolor Vine Plants – EmotionXpert

The care for this plant includes indirect light, bright light, elevated humidity, moderate watering, and shielding from the direct light of the sun. Therefore, you should select the ideal place for this indoor plant to get better vibes.

Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight

Scindapsus trouble Moonlight is a growing vine plant indoors that has a big leaf. It is a big-leaf indoor plant, and people are growing them to enhance the look of their place. The mature plant of Scindapsus treubii Moonlight grows well as climbers with a trellis or moles or in hanging planters. The plants are hard to get on individual hands. Although Scindapsus treubii Moonlight is an efficient indoor vine plant, this property makes them efficient additions to an individual house.

Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight
Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight – EmotionXpert

Steps to Grow Vining Plant Indoor

There are different steps that you should use to grow vining plants indoors. The major steps that you should follow are the following

  • Select a moss pole or trellis for supporting your vining house plant.
  • Report the houseplant efficiently. Moreover, also gives support structure to the plant in the soil before planning it. It helps the plant to damage any roots.
  • Place the indoor vine plant in a place where there is proper sunlight.
  • Vining plants need adequate nutrients from the sun to climb efficiently.
  • Make sure that the soil of the plant is nutrient-rich and organic to get the best results regarding the growth of indoor vine plants.
  • Strengthen your plant to structure with gentle clips or ties so that the plant gets room to grow and bend.
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