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Best Methods to Hang A Basket On the Wall and Hang Air Plants

Tips to Hang A Basket On the Wall

Following are some tips to assist you get started with the best-selling wall décor of Africa.

  1. Most of the baskets are light enough to easily hang with fishing lines or small nails. I use a Multi-Purpose Line for hanging them, and it is supposed to handle almost 15 lbs.
  2. Hild the basket up to find where the fishing line can fed.
  3. Develop the loop in the fishing line near the centre of the basket. It will then lie flat on the wall based on your requirements.
  4. The use of nails to hang a basket on the wall is an easier and faster method. However, it can damage baskets and will be noticeable from close.

How to Hang a Basket on the Wall

There are different forms of baskets. However, the method of hanging baskets on the wall are different based on their types. These methods are the following

Winnowing Baskets

Examples of winnowing baskets include Gokwe and Binga baskets from Zimbabwe. These are some of the most famous baskets that people hang on the wall. They are lightweight, flat, and have a loose weave. The largest baskets of this material are also easy to hang on the wall.

Hang A Basket On the Wall
Hang A Basket On the Wall – EmotionXpert

Shallow Bowls from Botswana

Shallow Bowls have smooth surfaces as they are tightly stitched. You have to feed the fishing line with different stitches to hang the Botswana basket. These stitches cover the coils and then tie the fishing line into a loop.

Chivi Baskets from Zimbabwe

Chivi Baskets have starburst patterns. These baskets look beautiful on a wall. However, they have heavy coils and are very thick. The baskets distribute the weight of the basket by feeding the fishing line with different twine stitches before developing the loop.

Sisal Bowls from Rwanda

Sisal Bowls come with a loop that is present on the back. This is the reason they come to ready to hang.

Sisal Bowls from Rwanda
Sisal Bowls from Rwanda – EmotionXpert

Rwenzori Bowls from Southern Uganda

Rwenzori Bowls are geometric, colourful and smooth. These baskets are lightweight and have tight weave. Therefore, you have to feed fishing line work to create a loop. It is needed to hang a basket on the wall. Moreover, you have to use needle-nosed tweezers. Carefully push the line among coils to the back of the basket.

Bukedo and Raffia Baskets from Uganda

These are most famous baskets to use for décor on walls. HGTV Magazine also features these baskets in a beautiful overlapping arrangement. These baskets come with a loop woven into the basket’s back that is used for hanging. Bukedo and Raffia Baskets are heavier, so you should use secure hook rather than just nail. You can access the book from the hardware store and can make sure that the hook is well on the wall.

Bukedo and Raffia Baskets from Uganda
Bukedo and Raffia Baskets from Uganda – EmotionXpert

Above are some best plants for hanging baskets in the shade. However, there are certain air plants or fence plants. You should also focus on these plants to give an aesthetic look to your house. Following are some options for you.

Hanging Air Plants

Hanging air plants is also a good option for people who love and want to decorate their homes with plants. Air plants are epiphytes, which means they grow on other plants e.g., tree branches. There are hundreds of varieties and species of air plants. They are strap-shaped, narrow, and have lance-like leaves. Air plants grow in a rosette pattern, and there is new growth appears from the centre.

Hanging Air Plants
Hanging Air Plants – EmotionXpert

The plants with silver foliage are more drought-tolerant. While on the other hand, greener type plants dry out fast. You can find colorful species such as Tillandsia maxima that have coral leaves. Most of species of air plants make tubular, attractive or funnel-shaped flowers.

Care of Hanging Air Plant

The lack of soil does not harm air plants. These plants are easy to care for once you know how to care them. Instead of worrying about potting them, you need a specific amount of light and water. Moreover, the right temperature is also needed for their growth. When you care for these plants, they it will send flowers. Air plants bloom to propagate, therefore, when the flower dries out. Snip it off for promotion of new growth. Moreover, you can also separate the pups from the mother plant. The mother plant will ultimately die when a new offset plant takes over the mother plant. You should use these steps to reduce the chances of overwatering your plant. 

Hang Plants from Fence

You can also hang plants from the fence to make your house beautiful and full of plants and flowers. some options that you can use to hang plants from fences are following

Tin Cans

Instead of recycling your tin cans, get creative. You can make excellent fence planters through tins. These come in different sizes and can be used to plant various plants. You can paint and decorate the can with different colors. Then attach the can to fence with screws or hang it with string. Further, ensure to drill the hole in the bottom of the can before planting them. It enables water to drain in proper manner.

Tin Can Hanging Planters
Tin Can Hanging Planters – EmotionXpert

Hanging Baskets

Transform the space by adding more hanging baskets to your fence. It is an easy method. You can secure the holders with fence by using nails or screws and can easily hang your basket. The vegetables that grew well in these baskets were cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and cucumber. These vegetables drape over the edge of the basket when they grow. Moreover, you can also grow lettuces in hanging baskets because they have shallow roots.

Ladder Planter

With certain pieces of nails and wood, you can make ladder plant for hanging on your fence. These planters use vertical space and are considered as an idea for a small backyard. You can make planters of any size. Moreover, you can also customize the planter easily. Fill the planter with some potting soil and you can start planting.

You can grow different types of flowers and vegetables here based on your needs and requirements.

Ladder Planter
Ladder Planter – EmotionXpert

You can also use Japanese plants for decorating your house.



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